Lucy Lawless to Fight the Evil Dead

If you’re a Xena fan, you probably know that Sam Raimi produced the show, and Rob Tapert, who also produced the show and was a big part of the original Evil Dead team, is married to Lucy Lawless.

Now Lawless will be guest starring on the upcoming Evil Dead miniseries, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which will air on Starz. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Bruce Campbell is back in the title role, trying to save the world from the Evil Dead once again.

The Reporter tells us Lawless is playing a character named Ruby, who is obsessed with trying to stop the Evil Dead as well. (Not to mention she also thinks it’s Ash’s fault that the  Dead have been unleashed again.)

This will be a ten-episode mini-series that will hit Starz at the end of the year, and it will start shooting this Spring in New Zealand. Sam Raimi is directing the pilot, and it’s great to have Raimi back with Campbell, tackling the Evil Dead once again, and Lucy Lawless should be some very nice icing on the cake.