Third Tron Movie Reportedly Filming This Fall

As longtime TG readers know, we’re big Tron nuts, and still love the original movie very dearly. While Tron Legacy wasn’t that great, it certainly was amazing visually, and it did well enough to spark talk of a third movie, which is apparently going into production this year.

As i09 reports, Joseph Kosiniski, who directed Legacy, will be directing this one again, and filming will apparently begin in Canada in the Fall. If local reports in Canada are correct, the filming, with Garrett Hedlund again starring as son of Flynn, will begin on October 5.

Many years back, I was completely shocked to learn that Tron was a big flop at the box office when it first came out, and in recent years the movie has really developed a major following. It was certainly ahead of its time, not to mention it also paved the way for today’s modern computer effects.

So we’d love to see a great Tron movie that will be a worth follow up to the original for the fans. Special effects technology has certainly come a long way since the original, but the original’s still a geek great, and we’re grateful it’s stood the test of time.