Will Supergirl Fly?

We’ve got superheroes everywhere these days, not just at the comic stores, but the big and small screen as well. The latest superhero TV show is Supergirl, and it will be on CBS, probably this fall.

As Collider tells us, Melissa Benoist (Glee, Whiplash) is playing the title role, with a costume designed by Colleen Atwood, who also created the Flash’s threads.

The Supergirl pilot has her at the age of 24, and Calista Flockhart, Mechad Brooks (as Jimmy Olsen), and Superman / Supergirl alumni Helen Slater and Dean Cain will be appearing as well.

The Supergirl movie, starring Slater in the title role, was a flop, and as many are warning of superhero overload, we’re curious to see if ‘Girl can crossover to TV and be successful, a la Smallville. Like Gotham, there’s also a similar TV prequel in the works about Superman before he left the planet, which, like Gotham, is named after Clark Kent’s place of birth, Krypton.