Guardians of the Galaxy Set to Sweep the MTV Movie Awards

While MTV hasn’t been watchable in a long time, the whole idea of the MTV Movie Awards is still really cool: An alternate version of the Oscars that gives its due to movies the Academy usually blows off.

You knew there was no way Guardians of the Galaxy would sweep the Oscars, but that’s why we have the MTV Movie Awards. Guardians, The Fault in Our Stars, and Neighbors are all tied for seven MTV Awards each.

Amy Schumer, currently one of the hottest comedians in the business, is set to host, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Guardians of the Galaxy really cleaned up this year, because it was one of the top grossing films of last year, and gave superhero fans something very cool and unique, much like Big Hero 6.

Among the awards Guardians is up for are Movie of the Year, Best Male Performance for Chris Pratt, as well as Best Shirtless performance for Chris as well. Instead of a stodgy bunch of people casting their votes, MTV gets votes from the fans, and you can vote on

The MTV Awards will air on April 12.