Metallica to Re-Release Their 1982 Demo on Record Store Day

It’s odd to think of cassettes coming back. Not video tape, but audio tapes are making a comeback. Vinyl, okay, it’s got the cool retro factor, we understand that, but cassettes never really had that. Yet for metal collectors, we traded a lot of tapes back in the day, which is how Metallica got their name out there.

Now Blabbermouth tells us that on Record Store Day, April 18, Metallica will re-release their first demo, No Life Til Leather, on cassettes for fans. It will be an exact duplicate of the original with the handwritten label and title card on a low quality audio-tape brand.

The band said in a statement, “In 1982 we recorded seven songs that became our initial calling card known as No Life Til Leather, and it led us to our first record deal. The rest, as some of you may know, is history!”

These cassettes will be at your local record store, if you still have one nearby, on April 18, and the band continued that they’ve “gone to the original source material and remastered it to maximize the sound potential for 2015 without altering the original mixes in any way.”