Can the Cubs Win a Back to the Future DeLorean (and the Series)?

It was one of the funniest jokes in Back to the Future Part II…in 2015, the Cubs won the World Series. And I think we knew even back in 1989 it wouldn’t come to pass, even though 2015 was still a long ways away.

Now the stakes are even higher for the Cubs. According to Uproxx, the Volo Auto Museum in Volo Illinois will give away a 1981 DeLorean if the Cubs win the series. As Roxx tells us, this contest starts on March 21, and will end the day before the Series.

It would certainly be a treat for baseball fans if the BTTF prediction of the Cubs winning the series actually came true. As we all know, they haven’t won in a hundred years, but anything’s possible, right?

We have the feeling that the person who came up with this contest is confident the car will stay right where it is, but we’d love to see a lucky winner drive off with it, and it would also be great to see Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd make an appearance as Marty and Doc for the occasion as well. (Not to mention director Robert Zemeckis is from Chicago, so this would be a cool thing for him as well.)