Star Wars Lego Series Coming to Disney XD

While The Lego Movie got the shaft at the Academy Awards this year, it really doesn’t matter, because the Lego franchise should continue to do incredibly well, especially considering it’s going to meet up with Star Wars later this year.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, there will be a Star Wars series on Disney XD that will be five episodes long, twenty-two minutes per episode, and it should be hitting Disney XD before The Force Awakens.

The twist with this series is the Star Wars saga is being told from the POV of C3P0 and R2-D2. And within these five episodes, believe it or not, the six Star Wars movies will be retold Lego style, again, through the eyes of the droids.

There’s currently not an official airdate, but we’re sure one will be announced soon. And we think this could be a very intriguing idea, retelling the whole Star Wars saga (so far) with Lego characters. Maybe the Star Wars Lego people can even make their way into the next full-blown Lego movie, which is due in 2017.