Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacy Returns in Super Gwen

For years, many people have blown off comics as not having depth, but there’s a lot of great storytelling and drama in comics. Just look at Spider-Man, which has many elements of classic tragedy. Peter Parker lost his uncle and felt responsible, and he tragically lost Gwen Stacy as well.

We also know that in the world of comics, resurrection’s always around the corner, and as ABC News tells us, Gwen Stacy will be coming back as Spider-Gwen. This is apparently part of the alternative Marvel universe where characters can live on and be reinvented, and more characters are going to be completely rebooted this summer.

As we all remember, we’ve seen Superman die and be reborn, and although Gwen Stacy died back in 1973, she’s now being reborn as a superhero. The story goes that Peter Parker bit Stacy in an alternative comic universe, where reversing the story Peter died but she lived on.

Jason Latour, who writes the comic, told USA Today, “I really didn’t know what about it I was drawn to other than the fact that it could have gone really badly because you weren’t supposed to touch her. If this character could come back and escape death because of what superhero comics are best at doing, then the sky’s the limit. The fact that it’s a woman does change the meaning and subtext of everything that’s going on.”