Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet to Hit the Market Soon

It’s amazing what some fans will do to show how much they love a movie, TV show or video game. The geek can create amazing replicas of their favorite props, and now there’s a Master Chief motorcycle helmet you’ll be able to purchase soon.

According to the site Polygon, this helmet is being made by National Entertainment Collectibles Associations, and it could be out in the world this July.

The helmet is indeed street legal, and as this report tells us, “it features front-air intakes to reduce fogging on the visor, and rear vents and a contoured design to help keep the wearer’s head cool.” Does Master Chief’s helmet have all this?

We reported some time back on a full scale Tron light cycle that was street legal, it’s really a motorcycle made up to look like a light cycle of course, and it would be funny to see somebody riding down the street on one while wearing the Master Chief helmet. Whatever someone’s riding when wearing Master Chief’s special dome, we’re dying to see a gamer’s reaction when they see Chief pull up alongside them.