Lamborghini Makes a Very Expensive Phone

The Consumer Electronics Show, or the CES, is currently going on in Las Vegas, and the buzz this year is all about the new state of the art Walkman, the Apple Watch, drones, and wearable technology.

Lamborghini was on hand, debuting their new phone, the 88 Tauri, which only costs $6,000. What’s one of the big innovations of this phone that sets it apart? Shatter proof glass. While we’re amazed to read of a phone costing this much, others aren’t so sure.

Gizmag calls the phone “a plain Android in a Gucci dress,” and further commented, “It’s running off mostly last-generation hardware and software, including a Snapdragon 801, Android KitKat and a 5-inch HD display.”

Yet Giz adds, “The 88 Tauri specs are above average, with 3 GB RAM, 64 GBS ROM, dual active SIM LTE configuration, 20 MP rear camera and 8 MP selfie cam.”

Knowing it’s made by Lamborghini, you know it won’t be cheap, yet the New York Post writes that the company “has a tough cell” with this one. “So for tech geeks looking for speed,” the Post jokes, “leave the Tauri and take the Lambo.” Like we can afford either…