What Everyone’s Talking About at CES

A new year has just begun, which means the Consumer Electronics Show has arrived. The big talk has been about drones, the new model Walkman, which costs over a thousand bucks, Neil Young’s music service Pono, and more.

Of course, another big tech trend everyone’s been talking about is 4K TV, although as we’ve reported before, experts will tell you that the untrained eye really can’t tell the difference. Sony’s got a new model 4K TV, the Barvia X900 C, and the screen is reportedly thinner than a smart phone. Sharp is also promising a TV that’s beyond 4K, and screen sizes are getting crazy big too, but that’s a given.

There’s been talk about self driving cars, which some reports tell us could be a reality within fifteen years. There were quite a few drones flying around – ABC reports there were twice as many drones at CES this year than last year – as well as a lot of talk about “wearables,” like the new model Walkman. It’s called the NW-ZX2, and it has 128GB of storage, as well as a touchscreen. The cost? A mere $1,200.

Although Apple doesn’t come to CES, there was a lot of talk about their next big thing, the Apple Watch, and another big technology on many lips was Oculus, which is considered the reinvention of virtual reality. Two other items that tripped us out were the Lamborghini phones that are going for $6,000 (they feature shatter proof glass), and StoreDot, which will soon be able to charge your phone’s battery in under a minute. (Esquire tells us it has 40 amps of electricity, which can’t be used on phones right now because it will meltdown the battery.)

It must be a hell of a blast to attend CES, and while many of us won’t want to spend $6 G’s for a Lamborghini phone, or have any need for their own drone for the home, it’s always great fun to look at the technology that could be shaping our futures.