Agent Carver Could Be a Triumph For Female Superheroes

Agent Carter is going to be the latest superhero series to hit television, and female superhero fans are definitely excited because Carter’s debut, along with Wonder Woman finally hitting the big screen in next year’s Batman Vs Superman, could be a big step up for women superheroes. (And there’s also the Netflix series Jessica Jones coming this year as well.)

So now the first reviews for Agent Carter are coming in, and this show could indeed be the next hit on Marvel’s roll. Variety writes that the show is “considerable fun, and in some ways more promising than the series it’s replacing, the uneven Agents of SHIELD.”

SFGate calls Agent Carter a “cool addition to Marvel’s TV universe,” and a “heck of a lot of fun.” TV Guide writes that Agent Carter “is a triumph for women, Marvel and TV.”

Like we just mentioned, what’s agreat about Agent Carter is this could be another big step forward for female superheroes. As TV Guide adds, “When Agent Carter premieres on ABC, Hayle Atwell will become the first woman to headline a Marvel film or TV series solo and the importance of this isn’t lost on the star [Hayley Atwell.]” Atwell herself said, “I think that’s a really positive thing that Marvel has done. It’s making girls realize that they can be more than just the pretty girl or the ingénue or the bitch or the mother-in-law. They are fully rounded human beings capable just as much as the men tat kicking butt.”

Agent Carter premieres on Tuesday, January 6 (8/7c), and you’ll also be treated to the “full size” trailer for Ant Man, which hits theaters July 17.