Cameron Crowe is Back With Roadies

Cameron Crowe first became a star journalist when he was a teenager, writing for Rolling Stone. Then he wrote one of the greatest comedies of the eighties, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which in an age of raunchy comedies showed a realistic view of teenage life.

Crowe’s career has had a lot of ups and downs, from the all time high of Jerry Maguire, to the all out disaster of Elizabethtown, and like a lot of filmmakers, he’s smartly moving to cable with a new series, Roadies.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Luke Wilson and Christina Hendricks are already onboard, with Wilson playing a tour manager, and Hendricks playing a production manager.

While Almost Famous presented a fairy-tale version of rock and roll in the seventies, rock is Crowe’s first love, and considering the rock movie has been a dead genre forever, maybe it can be resurrected through cable TV. Road crews are also long overdue for their own movie or series, considering they work incredibly hard to keep a band going on tour.

BTW, did we mention JJ Abrams is involved with this as well? He’s an executive producer on this series via his production company, Bad Robot.