JK Rowling Is Back With More Stories For Halloween

Why wait for a publisher when you can go straight to the net with a story? Sure a writer like J.K. Rowling can get big, pimpin’ money for a publisher to write, but JK Rowling just gave the fans a big gift this Halloween with six new stories online.

As The Wrap tells us, the stories went up on Pottermore, her website, including an essay on Dolores Umbridge, the Ministry of Magic, who was based on a real life woman Rowling hated. As Rolling Stone tells us, it’s not easy to find the stories, we tried ourselves, you have to go through the website maze, kind of like trying to apply for a job, but once you get to the stories, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the Potter universe.

While you should never write for money, a lot of young writers get suckered into this thinking it will lead to paid work down the road, it’s nice to see one of the biggest writers in the world giving something back to her faces, just because she wanted to write it and get it out into the world for people to enjoy.