Walking Dead Breaks Another Ratings Record

It’s remarkable the staying power The Walking Dead has, proving that you really can’t keep good zombies down. So should we be surprised that the show hit another ratings high?

According to Variety, the show broke another record, 17.3 million viewers on Season Five’s opening night. Previous record a year ago was 16.11 million for the premiere of Season Four.

As Variety tells us, Dead also beat its own record for the adult 18-49 demo, and it’s “easily the top ‘live plus same-day’ demo rating for an entertainment telecast this season.” It also tied with Sunday Night Football, which is apparently Dead’s primary competition.

It’s hard for any show to keep up its quality, let alone have its audience grow bigger, let alone stay consistent. Many shows by their fifth season start running out of gas, if they haven’t already, but it is indeed remarkable how the Walking Dead still keeps coming back stronger every season. It’s a bad time to hate zombies, because if you don’t like ‘em, they’re still going to be around for some time to come.