Can Selfies Help Cure Cancer One Day?

It’s an old saying when somebody starts taking themselves too seriously: We’re not curing cancer here. We’d certainly never equate taking selfies with curing cancer, yet now there’s reports they may indeed help combat it.

According to Uproxx, the University of Queensland is trying to come up with a way to put a way to spot cancer into a smartphone. “Essentially, it’s all about light,” the site tells us. “Researches have been studying the mantis shrimp, [who see] using polarized light.”

By emulating this light in a smart phone, you could possibly detect cancer because as Uproxx continues, “polarized light bounces off cancer cells differently than other types of light, so the team created a method to translate that into color.”

We have the feeling we’re still years away from this kind of technology, and we don’t think it will replace going to an expert to get checked out. Still, we’re curious to see if this could end up going anywhere, and if it could detect cancer and potentially save somebody’s life some day.