Top 7 Alternatives For Apple’s Keyboard

For people tired of the new Macs’ itsy-bitsy wireless keyboards that are WAY too small for comfort, this list is for you. Here is a list of full-size wireless (and wired) mechanical keyboards that are fully compatible with Macs.

1. Das Keyboard Model S

It’s no exaggeration or stretch by any means to say that Das keyboards are synonymous with excellence and high quality. The downside to their Model S keyboard is that it doesn’t follow Apple’s white colour scheme. For people who don’t really care about that, this is an excellent choice. (Why else would it be #1?)

Here’s why:

It feels amazing. Each mechanical keyboard in particular feels alright – with the familiar bounce-back in each key offering the feeling of “typewriting.” There’s something special about the mech-keyboards Das makes that separates them from the pack.

Also included to its name: two(!) USB ports so you can charge your devices any time you want. Since the letters on the keys are laser-etched, you can be sure they won’t be fading any time until you’ve typed at least 50 million times.

2. KUL ES-87

Tired of that useless number pad on the right? Get rid of it! That’s what the makers of the KUL ES-87 did. And correctly so, as a huge number of people get behind the makers’ choice. KUL claims this keyboard is perfect for gamers and professionals (don’t they all?).

Its thin design is also perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space to work with.

With Cherry MX Brown switches, you’re guaranteed a damn fine time typing. (That was fun to say.) Overall, people say the keyboard feels solid and firm, while looking sleek, modern and sexy. According to the company, each key can be pressed 50 million times.

3. Das Keyboard 4

When it comes to quality, few companies beat Das and their line-up of quality keyboards. (Yes, they’re in this article twice. Their keyboards for Macs are that good!) Hundreds of people have fallen head over heels with Das Keyboard 4, and it’s easy to see why.

Available with Cherry MX Blue (an industry favourite) gives you a superb time typing. The official website reports that each gold-plated mechanical key can last up to 50 million keystrokes!

To get quality, you’ll have to pay for quality. That’s a fact not escaped by Metadot, who sells the keyboard for $170-174.

The Das Keyboard 4 is propped up using a magnetic footbar (attached). It comes with two-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub (which goes up to 5GB/s), an instant sleep button, and a 6.5 ft. USB cable. (Oh, did I mention that the footbar is a detachable ruler?)

4. Apple E-Ink Keyboard

Tech fans (and especially keyboardists) may have heard about Apple’s in-development product: the Magic Keyboard. It’s been rumoured for a while that the keyboard has a tiny E-Ink display that changes to fit whatever app is on. This ensures complete customer satisfaction when they’re using the board,

Sonder (creators of the keyboard) are in the midst of being acquired by Apple and probably will be soon. Rumours state that the keyboard will be released sometime in 2018. If that day comes, this is a true innovating time for technology and I’m glad to be alive to see enhanced customer experience.

5. Logitech K400 Plus

Logitech diehards have gone nuts over Logitech’s wireless K400 Plus. Here’s why: while many of its features are similar to Microsoft’s keyboard line, the touchpad is smaller. Emphasising more focus on multi-touch gestures that make for a smoother user experience.

Above all else, this beauty was specifically designed for multimedia purposes. The FN key causes a lot of shortcut keys to act like a desktop keyboard, such as opening the default Web browser, alternating windows, opening right-click menus, screenshotting, and putting the system to sleep. The usual. This is perfect for couch potatoes.

What’s really awesome about this board is that it works with Smart TVs. Whether you have one already or are shopping around the market, be careful when it comes to these TVs. A lot of people are reporting crazy things, like

Regardless, Logitech is a company known for making stellar keyboards and electronics. It features a 10-meter, ~30-ft. range and can be used while you’re in a different from the radio frequency (RF) receiver.

6. Matias Quiet Pro

Legend has it that Matias makes some of the greatest Mac keyboards on the market. Let’s take a look to see if this legend is legit or if people are just full of hot air.

This keyboard’s keys are curved (as is the tradition) that help you stay in home position easier when typing. This is always handy especially for heavy/fast typers who spend hours at a time in front of a keyboard. (As a full-time writer, this aspect is critical for me.)

The Quiet Pro has laser-etched letters burned into each key, guaranteed never to fade away in time. It also hosts two USB ports so you can charge any Apple device while you’re working hard or playing harder.

The biggest selling point for this particular board is, you guessed it, how quiet it is for a mechanical keyboard. Users who are familiar with the comforting clack-hick-ackity of most mechanical keyboards…. May find the muted sounds of this one disappointing. (Which is the entire point of it.)

Engadget did a review and gave it an 83 out of 100.

7. Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard

Wrapping up this list is another Logitech product. (Gasp!) For good reason – along with Das, Logitech is one of the keyboard industry’s titans. And with their K811 keyboard, it’s easy to see why. Macworld’s Dan Frakes gave it 4.5 stars.

What’s seriously cool about this wireless keyboard is its’ backlighting. Not many wireless boards come with this function! I don’t know about you, but this feature is seriously awesome. The keyboard is roughly the same size as Apple’s keyboard, and the keys are Chiclet-style that are smaller and more rounded.

Want to Bluetooth it up? Go ahead. This board lets you pair with anything Bluetooth. Plus, the keys (when pressed) don’t feel soft and are rather quiet.

Last Thoughts

With the variety of keyboards out on the market right now, finding an alternative for Apple’s keyboard isn’t as confusing or as hard as you thought. I hope you find a keyboard you can get behind and actually enjoy.