5 Simple Ways To Get Instagram Followers

There is something special about Instagram. After all this photo sharing and video sharing social networking application has received all the popularity with around 400 million active users and still transcending at an appealing rate. For sure, no one wants to miss out the benefits provided by Instagram. From posting pictures or videos easily, to visually promoting your brand or product, Instagram can be useful to all sorts of individuals or businesses. However, to extract maximum amount of perks from this medium, you need to have high number of followers. Acquiring more followers on Instagram is not a difficult task anymore. You can either buy Instagram followers or get them for free by simply putting in some time or effort. Here are stated the best five ways in to get more followers on Instagram:

Posting The Right Content

All popular Instagram accounts follow a specific theme. Post photographs that most people can connect with. Upload creative, unique and original photographs. Make sure that you satisfy your audience, or they might unfollow you. You can use the filters to personalize your image. If you are a business, you can post photographs of making of your product or anything relevant to it. Target your audience according to your motive behind getting more followers. When you know your reason behind joining Instagram, you will know the audience you want to target. Posting the right content is not enough. Timing of the post is an important factor determining the number of likes and followers you get. Consider what time zone you targeted audience lives. Try to post in peak timings to make sure that you followers do not miss out on your uploads.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Insert relevant and popular hashtags in your photos to make it more visible to the users. More visibility will increase your interaction with people, hence an accretion of followers. Use specific hashtags according to the users you are targeting. Some of the popular hashtags used on Instagram are below:

  • #instadaily
  • #photooftheday
  • #instalike

Follow Others

You have to interact. If you want people to follow you, you will have to follow them as well. Search for users or brands with common interests and increase your interaction with them. You can even ask for a shout-out. Engagement with other users will maximize your exposure.

Sponsor A Contest

You can run a contest to promote your business or to increase your exposure which will get you more followers. You can partner with another Instagram user in your niche to make it more effective. In this way you can share your followers as well. The way it works is that you can reward the users for following the accounts. More creative the contest is, higher the tendency of getting more followers.

Get Your Account Featured

Connecting your account to other social media accounts is not enough. Make sure you get your account featured in places where there is high online traffic. Try to provide them benefits in return for sharing your Instagram account on their website or blog. This helps to maximize your followers.