Tips for iPhone problems you may encounter

The famous issue that most of the iPhone users come across

It should be noted that many of the iPhone users comes across this famous issue ofiPhone white screen of death at a certain point. On a worst case scenario, the bothersome glitch appears on the screen, but this could also be a as a result of a software error which is quite rare among iPhones.Some people find themselves lucky not to face this issue. The rest find this is annoying and they eventually drop out on using some of the useful options within the iPhone. There are certain ways in which you could fix this iPhone white screen issue. Let us have a look at those tips and methods.

Going for a force Restart

Prior to going for a force restart you can always turn off the device and then turn it on just to check if it gets fixed automatically. It should be noted that a hard reset could be an effective solution to recover a frozen device without much hassle.

If you are using the all new iPhone 7 or the 7 plus and you need to perform a force restart, you first have to press and hold the power button along with the home key until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then undo pressing the buttons and Waite for some time until the device turns normal. If it’s any other device except the 7 or the 7 plus, you have to first press both the buttons simultaneously. As usual keep pressing until the Apple logo appears on the screen. This reset process could take up to a period of 10-20 seconds. Undo pressing the buttons and you are there with the restarted device.

Fixing the White Screen of death issue by restoring the device

You simply can fix the issue of iPhone white screen of death through a restoration. You can restore your device simply through iTunes. It involves a very simple yet effective process. First, you have to connect your iPhone to the PC through a USB cable in order to run iTunes. Once you connect the device, click on the tab which says “Restore iPhone”. After clicking on that you will come across a dialog box where you have to pick the Restore option. This will automatically enable iTunes to download the relevant software for your device and perform a restoration within few minutes. It should also be noted that performing a restoration could erase all the data and content within your iPhone.

Fixing the issue of iPhone white screen by entering the DFU mode

It should be noted that a hard reset could be an effective solution for this iPhone white screen issue, but what if the device won’t still work after a reset or a restoration. This is when you have to consider booting your device within the DFU mode which is referred to be the Device Firmware mode. DFU is being used to repair and modify the firmware of a mobile device. This method could also come in handy if you are planning on installing a custom firmware to your mobile device. This highlights the effectiveness of performing a restoration for your iPhone through the DFU mode.

You should always be mindful to have a backup prior to entering the DFU mode. This is because a complete reset could erase all the data including contacts, images and videos within your iPhone.

In order to enter DFU mode, you first have to connect your device to the PC. You can leave it switched on or can switch it off. While it’s connected press and hold the home key and power button together for about 10 seconds. Undo pressing the power button while pressing the home key for another 15 seconds. Then you will come across a popup within iTunes saying that iTunes have detected a device in the recovery mode.

Then you have to undo pressing the home key. If the process is successful your phone screen will turn completely back. In case of a failure, the popup saying “plug into iTunes” or the apple logo appears on your screen. If you fail to enter the DFU mode to your iPhone you have to repeat the above mentioned steps.

Prevention is always better than cure

It is best to prevent a future problem in advance rather wasting time and resources on fixing the issue. You can follow certain safety steps in order to avoid this problem of white screen to death. Get a screen guard pasted on your screen immediately as you purchase it. This will block the entry of dust particles to your phone. Do not forget to give a break to your phone, if you use it on a regular basis. Just switch it off and then switch on after a while.