This IceCard MP4 player is powered by the sun

It’s called the IceCard MP4 Player and powered by solar – but don’t worry, this gadget won’t melt in the sun. 

It’s a concept design from Walter M. Robert that takes miniaturization to a whole new level, with a music player nearly as thin as a credit card.

This portable player (which comes to us via Tuvie) uses transparent, extra-sensitive solar panels so thin the whole deal slides right into your wallet.

Its bright little Amoled screen consumes very little power, so even indirect sunlight can power your tunes. 

The player has been designed with an aluminum clip (so you can easily attach it to a belt or shirt pocket), a 2.5 millimeter audio jack, and a nano chip to store all your favorite music.

We love how this player makes the iPod Nano look positively portly – and how easy it is to transport and power. 

Those transparent solar panels are sensitive enough to pull juice from overcast skies and ambient light, too, which means you could easily just forget about having to charge it.

Of course, one big question remains: Who is going to manufacture IceCard MP4 Player?

* Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling