MPAA downs at least 12 torrent sites

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has managed to unceremoniously down at least a dozen torrent sites in the U.S. over the past week.

The takedown was apparently closely coordinated with the infamous Dutch anti-piracy outfit known as BREIN.

As TorrentFreak’s Ernesto notes, the simultaneous shuttering of 12 torrent sites was clearly designed to “send shockwaves” throughout the community and scene.

“[Still], what effect this ‘massive’ takedown operation will have on the BitTorrent ecosystem is yet to be seen, but thus far there are no reports of ‘missing’ torrent sites,” said Ernesto.

Meanwhile, BREIN chief Tim Kuik confirmed that targeting small players and keeping site names a secret was a deliberate strategy conceived by the organization.

“New sites are popping up, but we take these down faster and faster so they can’t gain an audience.

“Our goal is to limit the availability of illegal sites so people rather use legal platforms. BREIN doesn’t publish any names because some sites relocate and start over elsewhere.”