The Best Smart Phone Apps for Free Music

Music is an integral part of our lives. It is an art that has touched us all in different ways, and means something different to all of us. Sometimes, music is our sole companion when we’re in a long commute, or when we’re feeling down. Rather than looking all over the web for 19 best music downloading apps for your smartphone, this article brings you some of the best.

YouTube Music

Any music lover would know the name YouTube. It’s their go-to website for any and all music. Well, YouTube music makes the process of discovering music even better because it focusses on only music rather than the other types of videos listed on YouTube. You are able to personalize the search system so that the app will bring you more of the type of music that you like to listen to without you actually having to search for it hours on end.

The free version of YouTube Music will carry a few ads in between every few songs, but that’s a small price to pay for the great library of music at your disposal. YouTube music is available for both Android and iOS users.


Pandora has one of the most comprehensive list of genres of music that has ever been put together, and is guaranteed to find you music that will fit your mood. Pandora is designed in such a way that it evolves with you in your music needs. It will learn what kind of music you prefer and bring you that music in your hour of need.

Pandora, of course comes for free. But if you can spare $4.99 a month, you get to skip and replay songs to your heart’s content, have an ad-free listening experience and also, you get to enjoy your favorite music offline. Pandora is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Jango Radio

Jango Radio walks down a different path. The ad-free path. All you have to do is download the app, punch in the name of whoever you want to listen to, and Jango will take care of the rest. Jango searches for more of similar types of music by either the same artist (if that is your choice) or from different artists. You can create custom stations of your favorite types of music so that they get updated automatically or you can select from whatever is already there.

Jango is free to use on your desktop, android or iOS device.


iHeartRadio is an app that has it all. Everything from music, to podcasts, to talk shows to comedy and sports programs. With iHeartRadio you get to listen to radio stations all over the world whether they are AM or FM stations. You can stream stations dedicated to your favorite artists or you can stream the pre-made lists at any time you want.

iHeartRadio is available on the Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is another great choice if you’re looking for curated music. Boasting over 100,000 stations from all over the world, TuneIn Radio is sure to be a top contender to be one of the best free music apps of the 21st century. The best part about TuneIn Radio is that they not only stream radio stations, but also podcasts, which you can download straight to your device and listen to, whenever you want.

TuneIn Radio is available on Android and iOS devices.


SoundCloud is a different category on its own. While all the mainstream and major apps will focus you on the major artists, SoundCloud will draw your attention to some lesser known artists, who are the hidden gems of the music world. With SoundCloud being a platform to upload your music and get real-time feedback from listeners all over the world, it is also a great place to discover great new music, for free.

This is available on all platforms.


Last but not least, comes a very well-known name in the streaming industry. Boasting over 30 million tracks, you can listen to the whole discography of a single artist, or you can listen to a certain type of song based on your mood. Whatever your music need is, whatever language and whatever platform you are using, Spotify will not disappoint.