Review of the Vortex Crossfire II 3-9*40 mm Riflescope

The Vortex Crossfire II 3-90*40 mm Riflescope is currently one of the most popular and top riflescopes that are available in the market as well as e-commerce websites like amazon. It provides the users with a clear scope along with medium zoom which could be used in the night as well. This optic would help you to shoot a coyote, foxes as well as anything else that preys upon guinea fowls.

It would be really intriguing to know how Vortex had chosen the name Crossfire. The name “Crossfire” has an implication that line if sight is always aimed in a single direction and the path of the bullet has to surpass it in order to go in another direction.

This 3-9×40 mm Riflescope, for testing purposes was mounted .30-06 Mossberg Patriot Rifle. After the testing happened, it can be safely said that the mounting latitude is very good. Also, it would be totally compatible with other kinds of rifles as well.

But the main question is that how does Vortex Crossfire II 3-90*40 mm Riflescope manage to compete with its rivals, the ones which provide stiff competition in its field? Its rivals are also pretty good and many of them are highly effective too. So, if you have something in mind like this and intend to purchase it, you need to be aware of the facts that have caused it to be much ahead of its contemporary products. We present the vortex crossfire ii 3-9×40 review to make you aware of the same.

Vortex Crossfire III features:

The magnification if the riflescope is about 3-9*. The diameter of the objective lens is 40 mm. The measurement of the eye relief is about 3.8 inches. The field of view stretches to about 34.1 to 12.6 feet which makes it about 100 yards. The size of the main tube is 1 inch and it is one-piece in nature. This riflescope has optics which is fully multi-coated in nature.

The riflescope has a second focal plain reticle. Also, the rifle has been carefully machined from a billet made of aircraft grade aluminum. The constructed of the rifle is rugged and the best part is that it shocks cannot permeate it. The O-ring of the rifle is sealed a well as totally waterproof. The rifle is nitrogen filled apart from being fog proof. The loom of the rifle is very nice and it has an anodized matte finish of black color. These rifles have VIP warranty. The rifle is resettable in nature.


The most important feature of the riflescope is the length of the shot. The optics is adequately sharp as well as contrasting across the majority of the view of the field. Towards the edge of the view of the field, the contrast falls by a large amount. However, it does not fall to the extent of being irritating. The flair suspension of Vortex Crossfire III is quite good just as it is in the case of the majority of the multi-coated optics. Distortion, the curvature of the field as well as fringing of the color can be deemed as constant presences in all the riflescopes. However, in this particular model, these aberrations are controlled in an adequate manner. The objective lens measures 40 mm and the best part about it is that it lets in plenty of light which helps in shooting in the presence of dim light. It is set at 6* and the exit pupil has been set at 6.66 mm, which provides a lot more light than it is possible for the human eye to accept.

You will understand it in greater detail if one takes into consideration the fact that the average human eye pupil has the potential to dark adapt to an opening which is at the most of the 5-7 mm. This is also largely dependent on the age of the person. The last focus ring which is located at the end of the ocular bell is a lot convenient when more than one person wants to shoot with the help of the riflescope. The European focus system is much more preferable than traditional American eyepiece method of focusing which involves the whole ocular bell present on the fine threads. The heavily knurled zoom ring can be turned while the gloves on, but the rotation needs quite some amount of effort if it is unlikely to be changed suddenly.

The windage as well as the elevation adjustments are more precise as well as accurate than one would be able to imagine because for a scope, that too in this price range. The scope of the test rifle showed really good performance and the product has been recommended by all the users.


The Vortex Crossfire III has measurements like 4*4*12 inches. It weighs about 1 pound.


This product does not have any accessories.


When it comes to affordability, people should consider Vortex Crossfire III Riflescope very highly since it is really cheap at a price of $164.99. The focus has a lifetime warranty and one can certainly hope that it will last for a long time.

Customer Service:

As far as purchasing any product is concerned, it is very important for you to know if the manufacturing company offers quality customer service. This is only for the reason so that you can ensure that you can avail their service if you are in any trouble. The company is very positive in this regard too and it has a phone number as well along with an email address, where you can send all your inquiries and get them clarified.


If you consider all the benefits as well as the pros of the Riflescope as mentioned in the vortex crossfire ii 3-9×40 review , then you can clearly notice how buying this Riflescope will be a very good decision. You will enjoy the customer service as well and will be immensely satisfied if you buy the product. It is totally value for money and will certainly uplift your time to a great extent!