The 10 Biggest iPhone Hacks Ever

IPhone is more than just a phone. It is a celebrity gadget which carries great value. IPhones have been the hotspot for celebrity scandals, serious consumer obsessions and political mafias which involves border issues. It has also been a victim of both government contracted and freelance hackers.

It is very important to know how to Factory reset iPhone without iTunes. It is actually a quick process which doesn’t involve many complicated steps. As the first step, you have to go to settings and in the general section there is an option called “Reset”. Select the option which says “Erase all content and settings”. Enter your security password and then it will get erased within few seconds or minutes depending on the amount of data you hold. Make sure that you create a backup of the important pictures and documents within your PC prior to a reset because it erases all the saved data and files.The description below highlights the 10 biggest hacks in the history of IPhones.

The San Bernadino shooter incident

This was when an employee killed 14 people in his office which was located in California. Apple Inc. was forced by the FBI to open into the murderer’s iPhone 5C, and they refused to do so. Apple was being backed by companies like Amazon and Google, whereas the FBI was being backed by Donald Trump who was the Republican candidate at that time. A random hacker volunteered to hack the device with the backing of the FBI.

The Israeli spy contractor’s incident

This scandal was when a group of researchers discovered a malware threat belonging to an activist from UAE. This turned out to be a major issue for Apple as it required a collaboration of three major iOS vulnerabilities. Later they were able to discover that this malware was developed by a government based spyware creator based in Israel.

The million dollar exploit

IPhone exploits came into play with the involvement of aforementioned cases. The evidences of the zero-day merchant Zerodium suggest that there is an open market for the vulnerabilities of iOS. They were keen to announce a bounty price of one million dollar for an iOS 9 exploit. After a one months’ time period a random party claimed the million dollar price.

Faking the Fingerprint

Researches were trying to highlight the fact that there is a possibility of creating fake fingerprints to replace the touch ID system introduced by Apple. A group of people were able to unlock an iPhone using fake fingerprints instead of the original touch ID. The total cost for this effort was just $500. This paved the way for the rise of many warrants regarding this case.

Original Jailbreak

It should be noted that the Apple phones have a high chance of being exposed to the jailbreaking scene. It all started as a result of the community effort which was the leading cause for the major Drop Bear hack which took place back in the year 2007. The problem which was considered to be a minor issue then turned out to become a major issue after a period of less than a decade.

Jailbreak me Scenario

The game of hackers eventually grew into an incident of a cat and mouse game with the involvement of both young and old hackers. The main head behind the Jailbreak me incident is now an employee of Apple. He was a teenager when he hacked into the system of Apple. This person had stated during an interview that iPhones are a totally insecure device.

The show by Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller who was a former NSA analyst was able to discover an exploit within iPhones to manipulate the code-signing protection and run the apple-approved software. He was so talented that he was also able to design his own proof-of-conceptwithin the App Store.

The crash of One-text

This was a simple hack which could be performed by anyone. This message was being circulated in May 2015. The message carrying the wording “effective Power” was able to crash an iPhone which was in lock mode. Apple was only able to come up with a temporary solution for this issue.

One-text hack

This issue was detected in July, 2016. Researchers discovered a bug within the ImageIo which was being used to handle image related data. They were keen to patch the issue before it went viral. Though this as patched in the early stage, the effects seemed to be significant on iPhones.


IPhones were popular as a malware free device. The outbreak of Xcode Ghost turned out to become a major issue for the later on. This malware was affecting the iCloud platform within iPhones. Apple had to announce a set of apps which were affected by this malware back in the year 2015.