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Top Salesforce Consulting Companies

Back in the late 90s, Marc Benioff developed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and called it Salesforce. 2018 became the tenth year in a row when Salesforce was recognized as a leader in the Garner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center. Today this platform became a large industry as it helps millions of startups and enterprises all over the world make their business decisions better and faster. When supply is so high, demand doesn’t lag behind. IT market hosts dozens of companies that deliver Salesforce implementation, customization, and a thousand other Salesforce-related services.

Based on my extensive experience in the IT market, I assembled a list of the most trusted and prominent Salesforce consulting companies. I analyzed dozens of the companies and thoroughly researched each contender according to the following objective criteria: their Salesforce expertise, clients, partnerships and certificates, marketing strategy, and sales execution/pricing.

1. Itransition

Established in 1998, USA-based Itransition is a custom software development company that delivers Salesforce implementation, customization, integration, and support. Itransition’s Salesforce services help companies manage their sales/marketing/commerce processes and automate them.

Itransition has already served more than 810 customers from 30 countries worldwide. The company delivers its services to a large number of industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Education, Finance, and more.

Location: Denver, CO

Employees: 50–249

Major Clients: Expedia, Toyota, eBay, Xerox, PayPal

Rate per hour: $25 — $49

Website: https://www.itransition.com/

2. Ascendix Technologies

Founded in 1996, Ascendix Technologies is one of the leading salesforce consulting companies in the USA. It delivers Salesforce implementation/customization/data migration/configuration/other applications integration. The company also delivers Salesforce app development services.

The company has more than 22 years of experience on the CRM market and it has delivered dozens of Salesforce projects.

Location: Dallas, TX

Employees: 50–249

Major Clients: Transwestern, Colliers International, Jones Lang LaSalle

Rate per hour: $50 — $99

Website: https://ascendix.com

3. Dazeworks

Established in 2015, Dazeworks is a California-based Salesforce consulting company that provides the following services: Salesforce consulting, Salesforce solutions development, products support, and data migration.

The company serves the following industries: Leisure, Healthcare, Education, Finance, and more. Dazeworks has ten offices in America, Europe, and Asia.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Employees: 50–249

Major Clients: Univar, Helpshift, Talent Rover, EasyJet

Rate per hour: $25 — $49

Website: http://dazeworks.com/

4. Redpath Consulting Group

Minnesota-based Redpath is a Salesforce Silver Partner company that offers a wide range of services. They include Salesforce cloud solutions building, marketing automation products development, solutions integration, and more. The company serves High Tech, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Education, etc.

Having gained 80 Salesforce certificates, Redpath has delivered more than 700 projects.

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Employees: 10–49

Major Clients: Cambria, Brandpoint, Capella University, University of Minnesota

Rate per hour: $150 — $199

Website: https://redpathcg.com/

5. Jet BI

Belarus-based Jet BI is an IT consulting company that has more than 80 experts in its team. The company delivers a number of Salesforce services, including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud implementation, Salesforce-integrated mobile applications, etc.

Jet BI works with companies of all sizes and from all the industries, including Manufacturing, Retail, Nonprofit, IT.

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Employees: 50–249

Major Clients: Not Revealed

Rate per hour: $25 — $49

Website: https://jetbi.com/

6. Configero

Configero is a leading Salesforce consulting company that has 30 Salesforce experts aboard and more than 800 completed projects in its portfolio. The company offers the development of Salesforce cloud solutions, their implementation, migration, team training, and more.

Among the company’s clients are United Way, Geico, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and GE Digital.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Employees: 10–49

Major Clients: Warner Bros., Fox Entertainment, General Electric, First American Mortgage

Rate per hour: $150 — $199

Website: https://www.configero.com/

7. Cirrius Solutions

Cirrius Solutions is a certified Minneapolis-based Salesforce consulting company that has already worked with 250+ clients from America and Europe. The company delivers Salesforce solutions that help its clients to automate support services and manage financial and marketing processes more effectively.

The company is recognized as a Cloud Silver partner.

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Employees: 10–49

Major Clients: Thomson Reuters, Minnesota Public Radio, American Endowment Foundation

Rate per hour: $100 — $149

Website: https://cirriussolutions.com/

8. Synebo

Founded in 2015, Synebo is a Salesforce registered consulting partner. The company delivers Salesforce solutions development, product design, client’s existing products integration, payment integration, and more. The company also offers Salesforce platform testing services.

With 35 Salesforce experts in team, Synebo has already carried out more than 300 projects.

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Employees: 10–49

Major Clients: GreenRoad, Audyx, Deloitte, IBM

Rate per hour: $25 — $49

Website: https://www.synebo.io/

9. Cloudsquare

Cloudsquare is a registered Salesforce consulting company that has been providing its services since 2017. The company delivers Salesforce solution design, its building, further support, and platform activity monitoring.

Cloudsquare also offers business processes automation and Salesforce integration with other cloud applications and platforms.

Video: URL

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Employees: 2–9

Major Clients: Ascend Funding, California Energy Contractors, Fund-Amental Capital

Rate per hour: $150 — $199

Website: https://cloudsquare.io/

10. RoyCon Technologies

Founded in 2013, RoyCon Technologies is a company that delivers custom Salesforce solutions to the businesses of all sizes. The company offers Salesforce consultancy, business analysis, custom development, product implementation/integration, and a client’s team training.

RoyCon Technologies delivers its Salesforce services to most of the leading industries, including Education, Leisure, Media, Real Estate, Logistics, Manufacturing, Legal, etc.

Location: Austin, TX

Employees: 2–9

Major Clients: Not Revealed

Rate per hour: $150 — $199

Website: http://roycon-tech.com/