The Smallest and Cutest Attendant of Your Wedding Deserves a Stunning Attire too

Selecting your wedding dress is no easy task. However, there is someone else’s dress which requires special attention too. Flower girls add a dash of innocence on your D-day. The sight of little girls gracing the wedding, dressed in beautiful attire and scattering flowers as you walk down the aisle is enchanting. It’s your responsibility to make sure she dazzles on the occasion.

Traditionally, flower girl dresses mimic the bride’s wedding gown. These days it’s quite common for these cute little girls to wear attire that matches the wedding theme. JJ’s House has a large variety of dresses. Some of the trending styles available are:

  • Fairy-tale dress: If you are wearing a princess wedding gown, this is the ideal choice for your flower girl. With embellishments and hand embroidery these are the miniature versions of classic ball gowns. Though they are usually of floor length, you could skim the length a wee bit that would be more comfortable for her.
  • Satin dresses: With a silky and soft texture, satin is a beautiful material. A satin dress with a pleated waist with ribbons is a great choice.
  • Sequined dresses: A sequin is a circular material with a reflective surface. It sparkles every time when lights hit on it. A sequined dress with additional designs gives her a star-studded look.
  • Lace dresses: Beads, lace and embroidery are elegant add-ons to the attire. The appearance of the dress is elevated when it is made entirely of lace.
  • Tulle dresses: Tulle looks almost like silk but is softer and more comfortable. This netlike fabric has a diaphanous and airy feeling and incredibly delicate.

Be conscious about the budget: It is important to keep the budget constraints in mind. The flower girl’s parents would be the one paying for the dress and there are high chances that she may not be wearing it again. Have a candid conversation with her parents about how much they would like to spend and then choose a dress having the budget in mind.

Simple and comfortable: Bear in mind that you are shopping for a kid. Yours and your bridesmaid’s attires could be strapless and anyway you want, but with these little ones, you have to select a dress which is comfortable for them.

The fabric matters: No matter how much well-behaved you think she would be on your wedding day; it’s natural for her to move around and have some fun. She is too young to be aware about maintain her dress. Choose a fabric which isn’t too heavy or itchy.

Choose an age-appropriate dress: Choose the length of the dress depending on the ages of your flower girls. If she is too young, opt for shorter length to avoid accidents and sudden falls. Floor-length dresses work fine for older girls.

While you may want to sort out the dresses of the kids well in advance, bear in mind that the little one grows fast. If you choose her dress many months prior to wedding, chances are it may be short for me. Hold off getting it until 2 months before the wedding.