This e-cycle has a sidecar pod

Since Gottlieb Daimler, in a flash of genius, attached a gas engine to a wooden bike in 1885, the motorcycle hasn’t changed that much: it’s still basically a motorized bike. 

For that reason alone, Daniel Munnink’s radical rethink on the motorcycle, posted to Yanko Design, deserves credit.

With his NEOS, Munnink has taken the motorcycle electric and made it look all space-agey, using lightweight materials and joystick controls.

And for the coup de grace, he built in a sidecar pod that can be attached for added storage or an additional passenger, or jettisoned to make the bike even more sleek.

This electric motorcycle, while funky in design, certainly has a load of features which might make it interesting should it ever actually hit the roads. 

Just a few of these include vehicle detection senses, a unit shell made of high impact ABS plastics and carbon fibers, leather pads for knee comfort, a color touchscreen display and a roll cage.

Pete Danko, EarthTechling