Nook is B&N’s best selling product ever

Apparently when you’re a store, you make your own product, and you have the power to plaster that product all over your store, it will sell.

Just days after Amazon announced the Kindle was its top-selling item of all time, Barnes & Noble has come forward to say the Nook, its own Kindle competitor, is the best-selling item it has ever sold. Go figure.

For Amazon, it meant the Kindle has sold more than any product in Amazon’s 15-year history. For Barnes & Noble, though, it means the Nook has sold more than anything in more than 40 years.

Of course, both had the advantage of being able to use their own storefronts to make consumers aware of the product. Amazon put the Kindle on the front page of its website, while B&N set up huge Nook displays through its network of hundreds of stores.

Barnes & Noble also said it now sells more digital books than physical books. On Christmas Day alone, more than a million Nook books were sold. Amazon has also previously said e-books were outselling actual books on its website.

Unfortunately, just like Amazon, Barnes & Noble won’t disclose any sort of sales numbers of its e-book reader. Nevertheless, anyone who though the whole e-reader thing was just a fad may be sorely mistaken.