Report: solar power booming in America

New research from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council confirms that strong consumer demand combined with rebates are driving installation of photovoltaics, solar heating and concentrating solar technologies.

However, the 124,000 installations counted in the report are concentrated in only a few states and not widespread across the entire country.  

California is leading the overall solar charge, but Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Texas have all at least doubled their installed photovoltaics in the past two years.

Growth in photovoltaics was up 60% in 2010 (over 2009) for commercial and residential installations, according to the report.   

Solar water heating installations rose by 6% in 2010; 84% of that growth was fueled by homeowners. Even pool owners are turning to the sunshine (in the form solar-powered systems) to heat their backyard oases once again…

The report authors (an industry trade organization) weren’t shy about giving major credit to the federal solar investment tax credit and it’s long term extension for the boost in solar business.