Samsung may bring ‘Galaxy’ brand to WP7

Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2 Android phone is reportedly on its way to Windows Phone 7.

According to WMPU, a Windows Phone fansite, the Bluetooth standards organization has listed a new handset with the model number SGH-i917. The site reports this is a modified version of the Galaxy S2, which carries the model number SGH-i927.

The listing with the Bluetooth group confirms that the SGH-i917 will be powered by Windows Phone Mango, the upcoming update to the WP7 platform.

Samsung introduced the ‘Galaxy’ name as a way to demarcate its high-end smartphones and create a better brand awareness for its products. Since then, the name has become synonymous with Samsung’s Andrdoid-powered devices.

But if this story is true, the Galaxy brand will be turned on its head. Samsung never officially linked Galaxy with Android – it just sort of turned out that way – but it could muddle up the name if it starts mixing operating systems.

Samsung is no stranger to Windows Phone. Its Omnia 7 phone was one of the first to use Microsoft’s new mobile OS, but it refrained from categorizing that device as a ‘Galaxy’ phone.

The Galaxy S2, though, is one of Samsung’s best-selling phones on the market right now, so if it wants to help move Windows Phone units, that could certainly help. Perhaps, though, Samsung will rename the phone so as to prevent any confusion.

The earliest such a phone could be released is this fall, when the Mango update is slated to rock Windows Phone 7.