EV charging stations hit Vegas Strip

There will come a day when an electric vehicle (EV) charging station going in anywhere – save, perhaps, the moon or Mars – won’t be news. 

But we’re obviously not there yet.

EV infrastructure is still in its infancy, so we bring you word now that a company called EV-Charge America has announced installation of charging stations at the the Flamingo Las Vegas.

What’s interesting here is that this charging station is outside Ecotality’s EV Project and Coulomb’s ChargePoint America programs, which are getting federal government backing.

Not only that, the company that did the Vegas station isn’t one of the other big charging-station players we’ve been hearing about, like AeroVironment (which has a deal with Nissan to provide Leaf buyers with charging stations) or Leviton (which will offer stations to Ford Focus Electric buyers).

EV-Charge America is based in Las Vegas. The company said the Level 2 chargers installed at the Flamingo are the first such devices to be “produced in any great quantity in the United States.”

EV-Charge also said it anticipates “strong demand for Southern California EV driving visitors in the near future,” which isn’t out of the question but does make you wonder if they plan to install charging stations in Barstow as well.

The company noted also that its system “allows for users to establish a wireless-LAN account which translates to seamless billing and even parking-meter management.”

This roughly means it will be much easier to take your credit card information and charge up your EV while you wear down your banking account gambling at the slots.

* Pete Danko, EarthTechling