Flexible display concepts are cooler with Android

For years we have seen people toying with the idea of a digital display that can bend and fold like paper. Nothing has ever materialized into a mass market device, but we still like seeing the concepts, and this one with an Android interface looks pretty darn cool.

California-based designer Andrew Namminga came up with the concept to use Android in a fabric-like “computer” of sorts that you could use to check your e-mail and Facebook while you’re sipping a frappuccino at Starbucks and then fold up and put it back in your wallet when you’re done.

Of course, this is just a concept and nowhere near any actual computer engineer’s desk yet. But beyond the idea of a flexible Android device, we like the way Namminga came up with a dual-display design. You have the standard Android homepage on the top with a clock and all the app icons, and on the bottom there is a Facebook feed, Google Maps picture and thumbnail for your latest photos.

We’d like to see that kind of interface employed on a real Android device first, and then take it to the still-emerging world of flexible tech.

Nevertheless, you can’t deny this concept display looks pretty sick. It’ll only be available in your dreams for now, but we have no doubt that if and when flexible displays are actually robust and durable enough mass market consumption, Android will be first in line to take advantage of it.