Electric ‘cycles gain ground in China

With pollution being a serious issue for those living in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, any form of greener transportation on the roadways has to be an improvement.

This, coupled with the fact many people there get around on motorcycles and scooters, opens the marketplace for innovative entrepreneurs offering electric motorcycles. Such is the case with Beijing-based start up ElctroForce Motors.

Founded by three ex-pat engineers this past November, ElectroForce Motors, according to the South China Morning Post, aims to offer “high performance two-wheelers as a green alternative to petrol motorcycles.” They’ve designed two electric motorcycles which will range in price between $4,200 and $5,000 that are based upon gas motorcycle frames.

image via ElectroForce Motors

ElectroForce’s offerings are known as Tau, the “naked streetfigher,” and Mu, the sport motorcycle. The former looks a little more like an electric scooter, while Mu has more the design of a true motorcycle. Both share identical specifications under the hood, depending upon the trim level chosen. The most basic model of each, among other things, hits a top speed of 53 miles per hour, can get up to 62 MPH in eight seconds and has a city electric driving range of 71 miles.

Charging time for the lithium-ion battery that powers the direct-drive high-efficiency, zero-maintenance hub electric motor is eight hours in a standard outlet or five hours in a quick charge situation. Both models also sport dual disc brakes in the front and single disc brakes in the back, allowing for it to reportedly hard brake in such as a way as to “out-brake nearly all competitors.”

Optional accessories for these electric motorcycles, which should be available in China this March before potentially expanding overseas, include heated grips, a 35w HID headlight upgrade and rear luggage rack.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling