40 Watt LED says "let there be 2,000 lumens of light"

A US company said it has introduced a 9mm by 9mm multi-chip LED that can belt out up to 2,000 lumens.

LedEngin said that the high flux LED gives the brightest 40W light source with the highest light output and flux density for architectural and general lighting applications.

The LED light source has a thermal resistance of 0.7 C/W, and the company claims, is brighter than the competition by between six to 10 times.

The company is also offering 24 and 35 lenses optimized for the LED and mazimizes the light with uniform color. LedEngin says that there are no shadows or fringe effects that other lenses offer.

The 40W LED and lenses are available now, and the company is sampling them on a custom MCPCB for easier installation and alignment with the lens and lens holder.