Sun sets on Sun Microsystems in prophet warning

Self proclaimed “innovator” Sun Microsystems predicted that its fourth quarter loss will be bigger than it first anticipated. But Oracle is set to ride into the gulch and save it from its own sins of omission.

The firm said that it will deliver less revenues for its fourth fiducial quarter and the losses will be bigger than it expected.

Yet Sun is in a particularly interesting place because Oracle will buy it for $7.4 billion or so, pretty soon now, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison believes it is a good buy.

Not a good bye, stupid.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison and Sun’s Scott McNealy have always been pretty good buddies. They have enemies in common, which include in no particular order IBM and Microsoft and sometimes Intel too.

Sun was always a target for the demonized Intel Corporation. It always wanted to take away the laurels from Sun Microsystems, which not only innovated on hardware but on software too, in a big way.

You can never underestimate Oracle nor Larry Ellison. He is a giant among dwarves and always believed your data was safer on his systems than on the little PCs which always bothered him a bit. And so every netbook that’s sold, and every cloud computing that puffs into the blue sky will cheer Larry Ellison up no end.