Stay Competitive in the App Development Industry

Apps are the new technology ruling the mobile world in the ‘Gen-Z’ era and this quite obviously leads to big competitions between app development companies. The competition between these companies is mostly based on skill sets and price. But certain other key factors that lead to the competitiveness is size, speed and user experience as well. Let us now focus on discussing the key factors that help a company to stay competitive in the app development Industry.

How to stay competitive:

In the modern Era of ‘GEN-Z’, the focus of the world is increasingly shifting from Desktop computers to Smartphones, tablets and other on the go devices that help them to do work from anywhere and everywhere which results in increasing demand of Mobile App Development companies. This is certainly an era of mobile rebirth and clearly indicates that one needs to keep coming up with innovative and intriguing apps to keep up with the competition of capturing the fancy of users and set the cash registers ringing. So, following are a few sure shot strategies to set the bar of competitiveness high.

  • Getting your app featured by Apple or Google is certainly a huge benefit for the developer. But, never get stopped at that because an online survey shows that there are chances for experiencing an immediate crash as soon as the initial know how phase is over. Only boastable features of the app are not just enough to keep it afloat on the app store.
  • It is rightly said, “Getting on top is hard. Staying there is harder”, this is true for all the apps that are in their nascent stage of first 23 days of the shelf life of the top 1000 apps. A retention back up plan is necessary to keep the boat floating. Also, allotting a fixed budget to the retention work post launch is vital in keeping the app in the game of competition for a longer period.
  • Rely on ASO to boost the visibility of your app as it allows a lot of free organic traffic that is a blessing in disguise for the app. Finding a relatable niche and avoiding saturated keywords helps in the ASO boost of the app.
  • Learn the good things from a successful app and fix the bugs of a bad and failed app that will give the boost to the technical know-how as well help in facing the competition head on.
  • Develop an app keeping other eastern markets in mind as these countries provide an opportunity for developers to present their app emerge as a winner in this part of the world whether it is iPhone app development or Android app development.

Stats Related to Mobile app development

There has been an upward trend in the number of apps being used by consumers on their smartphones. The info graphics released by GO-Globe points out that an individual on an average spends 52% of his time on mobile apps. The statistics indicate that people in the age group of 18-24 use more mobile apps than any other age group. This trend is then followed by 25-34 years at the second spot, 35-44 years at third, 35-44 years at fourth, 45-54 years fifth and lastly above 55 years of age. This clearly means that app developers are keen to target the middle generation more than the older or the younger generation.

Why Stay Competitive?

As predicted by the market analyst there is a steep increase in the enterprise app development to improve the operational tasks. Some of the challenges that these enterprises face are dedicated developers that are ever ready to take up the challenge of the ever-changing app market scenarios. Developer that is fluent in light weight scripting for easy and quick adaptations. Competitiveness begets quality. Whenever faced with competition, try to make an innovative app and intrigue the user by its new age tools and trends.

Major concerns:

As a part of a business organization, what are your most concerns about? Well, the answer to this question is to increase efficiency and improved performance by launching a mobile app for your company to improve an efficiency of the brand value thereby increasing the productivity. Following things can be achieved with a competitive app.

Increase brand value: making an app helps a company stay in limelight as well as reap benefits for its business by building customer loyalty. An app helps in simplifying transactions and builds trust among its customers thereby increasing the brand value.

Increase productivity: A mobile app helps in increasing productivity by keeping the employer and employees connected so that they can achieve faster communication for speedy results. It will also help in managing business operations, faster communications between different branches of the companies.

The Benefits of staying competitive:

Certain benefits that a business enjoys if it has mobile apps are:

  • Speed: The biggest advantage that an enterprise or an individual business owner enjoys with a mobile app is speed. For instance, it is easier to search the documents from the app, scheduling meetings and staying in touch with the latest update is just a click away.
  • Collaborative operations: A mobile app can help a lot in collaborative operations when the work is either outsourced or is between two different branches. The communication is more effective with the help of the mobile app.
  • Advertise: A mobile app is the best way to advertise to a prospective client as the Smartphones and other devices are more or less always with the users and its constant presence is a boon for the enterprise and individual entrepreneurs due to its anywhere and anytime accessibility.

Conclusion: A mobile app can do anything and everything right from keeping track of the pizza delivery, to making a customized workout program for the user, to solve social issues like wastage of water and save the environment. To say in the right way, mobile apps have arrived with great aplomb and are here to stay and make our life easy and more connected. Only those apps that will transform them according to the need of the hour will survive the struggle for the fittest in the mobile app. market.

Author Bio: Hamad Almuraikhi is the Founder and CEO of eDesk HUB, a research and review platform that offers vetted and verified references and reviews on high quality web & mobile app development companies with varied experience. eDesk HUB helps the firms to select the top performing IT service providers for Middle East.