Sprint set to unveil dual-screen Android tabletphone

It’s not quite a tablet, but it’s not quite a phone either. With two 3.5-inch displays working side-by-side, this unique device by Sprint looks to be something unlike anything else, and it’ll be revealed at an event later tonight.

TG Daily will be on hand at a Sprint media event in New York City tonight, where the company has said it will be revealing “another first.” Other than that, no official details have been announced about what Sprint plans to show off.

However, it appears as though the event will be a launching pad for a new device called the Echo, manufactured by Kyocera. It will be the first true dual-screen mobile device. That is, it’s the first where both screens are exactly the same size and have the same technology.

Users will be able to use one screen for widgets and processes while the other handles normal Android operations. Or the second screen can be used to keep a website readily available. It will all be completely customizable and up to users to change and play with.

With two side-by-side 3.5-inch touch screens, it doesn’t sound like the typical smartphone, many of which have one 4-inch screen. Meanwhile, tablets are usually seven or 10 inches. So it’s somewhere in between.

However, the Wall Street Journal is calling it a phone, so it will supposedly have a mobile phone radio inside and be marketed to smartphone users. Certainly, though, it will act like more of a tablet than your traditional phone.

In other words, it’s an intriguing little device so we’re interested to see it ourselves later tonight.