Lucky Verizoners get the iPhone way early

So last week, existing Verizon customers were able to get their orders in for a brand new iPhone 4. They were told it would ship February 10, but to the surprise of some of them, they already have their new toy in hand.

Pre-orders for the phone, which previously was only offered through AT&T, were closed after less than 24 hours due to overwhelming demand, even though people with a Verizon Wireless contract were the only ones who had access to the pre-order site.

It seems as though Verizon wants to reward those people who were so eager that they went online immediately to get their orders in.

Many reports have streamed in of customers already receiving the Verizon iPhone, activated and ready for service. However it’s still unclear if this was intentional and if it includes everyone who pre-ordered the device.

Nevertheless, it should be good news for everyone else who wants to get a Verizon iPhone on the “official” release date. This probably means a certain number were set aside for those early pre-orders, but when February 10 comes up there will be a lot more stock.

Pre-orders for everyone else will open up February 9, and as soon as the calendar hits the 10th they’ll be invading Verizon stores everywhere. [[iPhone]]