Top 10 Best Free Employee Monitoring Trackers and User Activity Monitoring Software Examples For 2019

Looking for free employee monitoring trackers and user activity monitoring software? It is easy enough to find tools that fit the bill, but many will be freemium software with limited functionality.

The good news is that there are some employee or user activity monitoring software that are far better than others. As such a good place to start is with the 10 best examples of them:

1. Work Examiner

If you’re looking for a comprehensive employee monitoring software that can track any and all user activity – WorkExaminer should be top of your list. Its features can be used for time tracking and will allow you to monitor apps that are running, online activity, keystrokes, email, instant messaging chats, and more. On top of that it will also let you capture screenshots, block websites, and generate reports.

2. Kickidler

The main features of Kickidler are focused on automatically monitoring employee activity and detecting red flags that may affect productivity. It can monitor users’ screens in real-time, log keystrokes, and produce reports related to working hours and productivity.

3. Hubstaff

Aside from monitoring user activity, Hubstaffs features include project management, invoicing, and more. It can track the time users spend working on projects, capture screenshots, monitor tasks, and generate advanced reports.

4. ActivTrak

In addition to user activity monitoring, ActivTrak is designed to analyze employee productivity and user behavior, as well as detect potential insider threats. It can be used to view screens in real-time, capture screenshots, block websites, log keystrokes, and more.

5. TeraMind

One of the more popular employee monitoring software, TeraMind’s set of features is definitely not lacking. It can record employee sessions, track internet usage, capture emails, monitor productivity, detect insider threats, and a whole lot more.

6. Qustodio

The interface of Qustudio may not be that attractive, but it is good at what it does best: Tracking employee activity on computers and on the internet. It will also allow you to block unwanted websites and applications, as well as set up a live notification system.

7. DeskTime Pro

Although DeskTime Pro was developed first and foremost as a tool to manage projects and control virtual teams, its user activity monitoring features are nothing to sniff at. With its help you’ll be able to track working hours, monitor running applications, analyze productivity, track project progress, and create reports.

8. Toggl

Unfortunately, Toggl’s capabilities are somewhat limited when it comes to monitoring user activity. That being said it is an excellent tool for time tracking, and its scheduling features are very useful to improve productivity too.

9. Tmetric

Essentially Tmetric is focused on making it easy to track time and manage projects and tasks. It may not be able to monitor user activity, but it can help with budgeting, scheduling, and more.

10. Screenshot Monitor

As its name suggests, Screenshot Monitor is a tool that is designed to capture screenshots of user activity. It is a relatively simple tool, but it does include time tracking as well and is an easy way to start to monitor what employees are up to.

It should be noted that in most cases the software listed above consist of both free (or freemium) versions as well as premium alternatives. Typically the premium versions have more advanced features or enable more clients to be monitored.

At the end of the day, it would be worth your while to look into all the 10 best free employee monitoring and activity tracking software listed above to see which one fits your requirements.