AirDroid Business is Making Life Easier for Companies on the Go

Technology has dramatically changed the way businesses run their operations. Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are setting aside their laptops and desktops and are instead focusing on the integration of employee usage of personal smartphones and mobile devices. Smartphone usage in businesses continues to increase due to the convenience of real-time communication, the ability to work remotely, and the ease of access to business emails and other online work-related resources. 

The integration of a mobile workforce allows employees to work more efficiently through the utilization of technology that fits around their on-the-go work requirements. Businesses that transition into mobile workspace see increased employee satisfaction often because of the flexibility and comfortability of using a device that they are familiar with. 

Even though a mobile workplace brings a plethora of benefits to businesses, it does come with a new set of challenges and responsibilities such as security and device management as well as employee accountability. Many of these companies also struggle in managing such a large number of devices. AirDroid Business developed its mobile device management (MDM) solution to solve these problems and enable any sized business to manage Android mobile devices remotely through a cloud-based administration console. 

Mobile device management platforms like AirDroid Business are an essential technology tool that allows organizations to manage employees’ smartphone usage more effectively. When choosing an MDM platform, businesses must consider many different factors, such as finding an Android-only dedicated-device manager to avoid platform incompatibility. In addition, they also need to find a platform that can manage a range of devices at scale so that they can avoid paying unnecessary device management capacity costs.

AirDroid Business’s MDM features give administrators and IT departments the control to manage, perform maintenance and monitor remote devices from any location. Other features include two-way file transfers, surveillance and data tracking, unattended device management, application management services suite, and kiosk mode. All of these features allow small to medium businesses to successfully manage a mobile workforce in a cost-effective manner. The admin console and monitoring feature create a security and protection layer for both parties in case of emergency or theft, which is especially useful for team members who are working independently. This also helps SMBs to send updates to all devices allowing the installation of software updates remotely to save time and money. 

The capabilities of AirDroid’s MDM solution extend across multiple industries such as the oil and gas industry, the food industry, service providers, retail stores, and unattended Android devices like digital signage, smart TVs, and vending machines. AirDroid Business even has a kiosk mode that allows businesses to turn their Android into a digital kiosk that can be managed remotely. The kiosk mode has a range of applications that are used in industries, from education to advertising. This feature also allows for businesses on a tight budget to be able to use digital signage without building infrastructure. 

With desktops becoming a thing of the past, mobile device management is going to be a crucial tool for any business that wants to create an efficient and productive environment for its team members. And with its suite of powerful features, AirDroid Business should be an MDM solution at the top of every list.