How to Choose The Best Checklists App for Your Business in 2020

Sometimes business owners need more than 24 hours in a day to get things done. From reviewing, organizing and handling new employee on-boarding forms, expense reimbursement forms, vacation requests, sick leave forms, safety reports, invoices, and more, you often find yourself drowning in paperwork. As a result, stress kicks in and productivity plummets. 

Here’s the thing, with the right tool, you can easily avoid the headache and disorganization. With a daily checklists app, you can keep track of your goals and easily achieve all daily tasks without losing focus or productivity. 

What is an employee checklists app?

Employee checklist app is a detailed, powerful productivity tool that aims to help you with all tasks from grocery shopping to managing multiple team jobs or projects.

A daily checklists app ranges from a simple list to in-depth online form builders. Common features include sending lists to colleagues or friends, tracking progress, integrating with other apps, reward productivity, streamlining operations and more. The entire purpose of a checklists app is to help a user remain focused on the task at hand to deliver the project by keeping things simple and to the point. 

Post-its and notebooks with illegible scribbling just aren’t going to cut it anymore, it’s time to turn to your mobile phone. 

How can an employee checklists app help your business?

Use a checklist app to: 

  • Capture relevant information and create to-do lists based on the information captured
  • Display task or project on-demand
  • Send reminders for tasks
  • Collaborate with many team members
  • Gain an overview of the day’s tasks
  • Track task and project progress.

Make sure you examine what features are included in an employee checklists app so you can determine if it can actually help you and your business. What kind of features or capabilities should you look for? Well, we answer that too. Aim for:

  • Easy to use – This one is a no-brainer but not checklist apps are created equal so make sure the one you choose hammers home being productive and makes it easy to find and use information.
  • Capturing information – Make sure it’s super easy and simple to add tasks so you don’t spend hours just creating lists. You need to be able to actually DO the tasks and not just add them to the app. 
  • Overview – Gaining an overview on the day’s tasks and the progress is a must, otherwise, you’re just lost in a maze of lists – that defeats the purpose of a checklist app so make sure it’s easy to understand the whole picture in a snap.
  • Organization – Organizing large chunks of work should be easy for the employee checklist app and shouldn’t cause you any headaches. Look for the solution that organizes everything smoothly, effectively and efficiently. 
  • Reporting features – It should be easy to generate reports to outline tasks completed or what’s left to do so you can make smart business decisions. 
  • Communication – See if you can communicate right from the app with your team members so you can clarify reports sent in or can ask for a progress report on a particular task right then and there. 
  • Reviews – Check the online reviews of the checklists app and make sure they’re positive and well-received, otherwise, you’re wasting your time. 

With the above in mind, there are four types of employee checklists app you should look into, including:

1. Get Things Done (GTD) Apps

GTD is a highly popular productivity technique and is also the title of a best-selling book by David Allen. GTD apps are able to remember everything for you in terms of boosting productivity – it highlights a systematic organization of all tasks and priorities so it’s more manageable and achievable. From jotting down a grocery list to managing projects, usually, GTD apps include time management, team collaboration, sub-lists, and more.

2. Note-taking Apps

As the name suggests, note-taking apps are super handy apps when you need to keep a note of everything from texts to voice memos to visual memos. So whether it’s during an important meeting or at a crowded restaurant, we all jot down bits of information and notes on a regular basis. 

3. Grocery List Apps

A grocery list app is as simple as it gets, it merely lets you add one task after another. 

4. Kanban Board Apps

A Kanban app is more than just a mere to-do app, it’s a workplace where you can easily manage workflows and tasks. On a virtual board, you lay out what needs to get done. Then add a list to your board which is a workflow inside the kanban board. Finally, add a card or task to your list – a card lists the final product that’s needed and tracks when the card passes each step of the workflow and more.

A daily checklists app is an invaluable tool that helps us complete complex tasks while ensuring no productivity is lost. With all the above outlined, you now have the tools to choose the best checklist app for your business and we can guarantee that once you start using one, you’ll never go back. Happy hunting!