The Key to Boosting Call Center Agent Performance

How do you think call center employees are judged on their performance? Is it their conversation skills, ability to convince customers or some other factors? There are several key performance metrics that call center companies follow to track daily operational activities.

The success of a call center company is not only judged by its effective performance measurement but also the authenticity of the strategy that the company employs to improve the overall performance of the company. One such strategy is the use of call tracking software to monitor agent performance while on call.

Managers use call trackers to derive data that helps improve call campaigns of the company. It is a technique to understand the effectiveness of the customer service team and help come up with strategies that will enhance the customer conversion rates and their satisfaction levels. This software has fast emerged as the best application to convert customers into potential brand advocates. So, both the customers and the call center company are benefited from this software application.

It also helps call center managers in coaching the agents. Managers track and listen to live calls using this software. They later recorded the calls to share with the agents to help them understand the ways to take a call and convince a customer. Customer satisfaction is essential for any company and tracking live calls will considerably boost conversions.

Another benefit of call tracking software is you can use real-time metrics to check caller history, call log information, and caller information. When you have full details of the caller, you can improve your calling campaigns to increase conversion rates. Most importantly, it gives agents a chance to prepare for productive conversations. Mistakes on previous calls can be readily analyzed. Simply record the calls of an agent and note the areas of improvement.

Many call tracking software applications also come with advanced features that allow the user to track the physical address, social media pages, and the original source of the caller to customize the conversations accordingly. In the insurance sector, this ability proves beneficial as it enables agents to categorize potential clients into various personas based on their personal information. These personas hold the key to providing them with unique offers derived from insightful data, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Live call recording is essential in training new agents on how they should speak to the customers. These software applications have call whisper feature where supervisors can make agents listen to live conversations between an agent and a customer. Since the coaching audio is inaudible, the supervisor can coach agents in real time. This technology is widely used in the healthcare industry, where real-time and accurate information can spell the difference between the suffering and survival of a patient.

Also, the software gives instant details of the caller that help new agents to prepare and handle calls better. Needless to say, when this software has a live call tracking facility, it will also have a call recording feature. Some of the applications also capture text and speech interaction. This helps to modify the customer approach of agents while on a call.

The overall objective of the call center company is to increase customer satisfaction and boost conversions, and with call tracking software more companies are able to analyze and understand what customers want. Any company that ignores the many benefits this software brings to the table puts itself at a serious competitive disadvantage.