Drive and Dedication: Dr Nina Bal’s road to success

A quick glance at the world of beauty and skincare will show you that every decade is marked by a trend or an innovation in the industry. The ideal ‘body shape’ changed from hourglass to super skinny to the Kardashian-inspired voluptuous type and hairstyles went up to later come down to poker straightness. The fad of plastic surgery and artificial tanning morphed into rejecting chemicals altogether. In all this, there was one constant – the quest for maintaining good (and healthy) teeth!

While the basics of dental care remain unchanged, technological innovations in the field have led to a rise in new methods of getting your teeth to look perfect. One of the up-and-coming trends in the world of dentistry is directly related to the newest practice of facial sculpting.

Dr. Nina Bal, an award-winning cosmetic dentist and the official cosmetic dentistry consultant for the C4’s hit TV series Body Fixers, has been doing pioneering work in this field. With a dentistry practice of a decade behind her, Dr. Bal founded her clinic, Facial Sculpting in London to offer her clients more than just dentistry services. Nina explains, “Facial sculpting is a concept instead of a procedure (sic). I combined my two big passions – beauty and medicine – to offer people a complete cosmetic solution. I feel that you have to look at the face and teeth together when trying to offer the best aesthetic treatment; you can’t just do the one and ignore the other.”

She graduated with a BDS (Hons) from Pavia Italy in 2008 and less than 10 years later was winning accolades for her work in London. Her practice as a cosmetic dentist made her acutely aware of how patients are looking for solutions that are visually pleasing but also safe. “I saw a massive change in the last few years. People are starting to see the problems of veneers and other invasive technologies now and are asking more and more for minimally invasive, more natural techniques.” Explained Dr. Bal, “for me, it’s an ethical choice to offer them the best that is available in the field.”

She has put her decade-long expertise into developing a full-face cosmetic treatment. Her clinic services people from all walks of life, looking for a variety of treatments. Some individuals approach her for cosmetic dentistry solutions such as getting their teeth, bite or gums altered, some approach her for non– surgical facial treatment such as Botox or derma-fillers and some want to test the latest trends in facial sculpting to get a fresh and revitalized look.

The techniques developed and practiced by Dr. Bal are new, but their success is evident for all to see. While the TV series Body Fixers has showcased the positive impact of her treatment to a wider public; the patients at her clinic have expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about the holistic approach of facial sculpting methods.

Of late we have seen renewed interest and investment by global companies in this field, and we hope that this will lead to the development of newer technologies and materials and keeps the pace of innovation going strong. This is an exciting time of change for dental medicine and we will keep an eye on Dr. Bal and her colleagues around the world to see what comes up next.