Mozilla preps Firefox 3.5 for imminent launch

Chicago (IL) – Mozilla has confirmed that it will be hosting an official “test day” for Firefox 3.5 on Friday, May 29.

“I don’t need to remind everyone of how important this phase is, so we’re going to need your awesome testing skills to make sure its as polished as possible,” wrote Mozilla engineer Aakashd in an official blog post.

According to Aakashd, participants are encouraged to perform “exploratory tests” on a number of newly implemented features, including:

  • Private browsing
  • Video and audio “elements”
  • The W3C Geolocation API
  • JavaScript query selectors
  • CSS 2.1 and 3 properties
  • SVG transforms
  • Offline applications

Mozilla is also revising and replacing various FF icons.

“We are now in the process of landing a few refreshed icons for the Firefox 3.5 themes,” explained Alex Faaborg, a user experience design expert at Mozilla. “Across all 4 platforms roughly 25 of the icons are either being tweaked or are entirely new (there were some last minute feature additions, like geolocation). On Windows (both Vista and XP) we are replacing all of the secondary glyphs in the main window (various small arrows, new tab +, etc) with a consistent etched-in appearance. These etched in glyphs also feature a glowing hit state, which varies color by platform.”

Faaborg also noted that the OS X background etch would be removed from the keyhole.

“We are also considering doing this on Windows, since it lightens and simplifies the appearance of our UI. Either way, we wanted to get the change landed on OS X, since a lot of people were eager to see the etch go (including myself, as it was my misguided idea in the first place).”