How to assess the tracking software while buying a GPS tracker

Whether it be for business or for personal use, it is important that we ensure the smooth user experience and functionalities of the tracking software or app when purchasing a GPS tracker. Difficult-to-use tracking software can be cumbersome to manage, and it makes tracking harder even though you have your tracker installed properly. In this article, we are going to look at some of the defining features of tracking software that you can use as a benchmark for filtering your buying options and easily finding out the precise location data of whatever or whomever you are tracking. 

An introduction of GPS tracking software

There are several GPS trackers in the market today. Some are better than others at tracking, and some offer more features too. While checking out the software or app for such trackers, here are some important factors to look for.

It must be intuitive to use. GPS tracking software needs to be user-friendly and must offer an intuitive experience for a smooth and seamless flow. In an emergency, the last thing you want to do is scrape through various menus and click random buttons to get to the exact feature you need. The major features must be easy to access and easy to find. 

Another important function that you need to look for while trying out GPS tracking software that comes with a tracker is its connectivity. Even though it also depends on the tracker device, the server, the architecture of the app/software, its response time, live updating of the data, etc., all apps up to make the flawless tracking experience. If any of this fails, the tracking becomes inaccurate, and you won’t be able to locate the tracker in real-time. 

Accessibility of the tracking software is yet another major factor that you need to consider while buying a GPS tracker. It means whether you must download it from the Google Play store/Apple store or if you must download it from another website and go through the hassle of installing it indirectly on your phone. The same goes for laptops and computers too. The best-case scenario is a web portal that you can access using a login id and password that ensures protection and accessibility no matter where you are. If you have a stable internet connection, you can easily log on to the tracking app and find out the location of your tracker. 

Feature to look for in your GPS tracking app

Once you are sure about the accessibility and usability of your tracking app/software, it’s then time to check out the features. Your tracking software must have certain features other than basic location tracking for it to be truly functional. 

Dashboards that allow you to access insights about travel history and other relevant info are very useful while using a GPS tracker. For instance, dashboards that give you information about the amount of time your tracker was moving and how long it was stationary allow you to calculate how much time it was moving. This is very useful when tracking vehicles. Similarly, a real-time speed chart can help you ensure the person carrying your tracker is safe. This is useful to ensure your kids are safe when you send them to school on the school bus. You can easily know if the school bus is speeding over the limit or not. 

Another useful feature is real-time alters. Push notifications for mobile apps and email alerts are crucial in getting quick updates when there is anything wrong so you can take immediate action. If the tracker with your child or an asset suddenly leaves the home premises in the middle of the day without any probable cause, you can quickly reach out to emergency service or check up on them to make sure they are safe. Delay in such alerts means you lose valuable time finding them, which can complicate the situation. 

There are numerous benefits of using GPS tracking software. However, it is important to check the features and the pricing of the software before you buy one. GPS tracking software is available in a wide range. Some of them might have advanced features, while others might have simple features. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you need and the features that you want. Therefore, you need to choose the tracking software that will suit your needs. If you are looking for the best GPS tracker, you need to ensure these features and properties in the GPS tracking software or application we discussed above.

Written by Barbara McGee