Google updates Search and Voice

In a little flurry of activity, Google has added new features to several of its products, including its search tool.

The company has released a Social Search feature, which essentially shows favoritism to a user’s best pals.

“Sign in to Google and do a search. If there’s relevant web content written by people in your social circle, it will automatically show up at the bottom of your search results under a section called ‘Results from people in your social circle’,” says the company.

A user’s social circle consists of Gmail contacts and those they’re publicly connected to on social networking sites – although not, it seems, Facebook, which is rather a notable omission.

Google is also expanding Google Voice to work with existing cellphone numbers, transcribing messages and sending email notification when new messages are received.

Previously, this feature only worked for Google Voice numbers, deterring users who might not want to change their phone number.

And the company is also promising to ‘liberate your Google Docs’ by adding a Convert, Zip and Download” feature. This allows users to download multiple Docs simultaneously.