Firefox 4 hits 100 million downloads

It was a nice weekend for Mozilla.

That’s the period during which the company’s online Firefox 4 download tracker climbed into the nine-digit territory. The milestone achievement happened in just a little over a month after the software was made available on March 22.

Europe was actually the strongest continent to pump those download numbers up, as it accounted for 38.6 million. However, as far as individual countries go, the US was the leader.

North American users downloaded Firefox 4 30 million times, 24.4 million of which came from the US. Europe’s countries were far more evenly distributed with Germany bringing in the most downloads, at 7.3 million.

Asia, meanwhile, brought in 20 million downloads.

What’s not perfectly clear is how many of these downloads were prompted updates from existing Firefox users, and how many were brand new installs.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browsers both also received major updates right around the same time, so Firefox 4 was unable to steal too much of the spotlight. Early market share numbers show the divide between the various browsers hasn’t changed too much in the last month.