RIM wants Hulu Plus on Playbooks

Blackberry maker reportedly in talks with the online video service.

It didn’t take long for new Playbook owners to realize they could not access video on Hulu.com from the device’s browser. Like pretty much every non-PC gadget, Hulu has placed a specific restriction that knows when a user is browsing from a Playbook and won’t let them view any videos.

That’s because the site boasts the ability to stream to these devices as one of the features of Hulu Plus, which requires a $7.99/month subscription. And apparently RIM is game for that.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, RIM wrote, “We are in conversations with Hulu to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to BlackBerry PlayBook users.”

The premium Hulu service is currenly available for the PS3, Internet-connected TVs from several manufacturers, the iPad and iPhone, and various Blu-ray Disc players. The company wants to continue adding new devices to this list.

Of course the Playbook is looking to expand its app repertoire across the board. Currenly it offers a dedicated Youtube app, but it is missing several of the video-streaming applications that are existent on the iPad.