Glasses-free 3D TVs may be coming to airlines

You’ll soon be able to watch 3D movies from 30,000 feet in the air.

A start-up company called MasterImage 3D is reportedly very close to signing a deal with multiple airlines to bring its display technology to TV monitors across entire fleets of aircraft.

Hollywood Reporter notes that the company just received $15 million in funding from Samsung, which is sure to start pouncing on the emerging glasses-free 3D market.

We met MasterImage 3D at the CTIA trade show last month and were blown away with its eye-popping 3D effects, easily outdoing the technology on devices like Nintendo’s 3DS and HTC’s upcoming 3D mobile gadgets.

The company is also eying deals with automakers to bring glasses-free 3D displays to in-car entertainment systems.

This could help bring the 3D medium to prominence. Manufacturers have had difficulty selling 3D hardware to individual consumers, but by getting other corporate customers to get on board, it will make the medium stronger.

Numerous advocates for 3D have said it will be just like when black-and-white content shifted to color. Moves like this supplement that theory.