Report: iPhone 6 to boast advanced poly-silicon LCD display

Sharp is reportedly designing a next-gen, low-temperature poly-silicon LCD display for Apple’s iPhone 6.

According to Nikkan, the advanced p-Si LCD will allow Cupertino to create even thinner and lighter designs for the sixth iteration of its wildly popular smartphone.

As AppleInsider’s Neil Hughes notes, in a “p-Si LCD,” the thin film transistor, or TFT, of the screen is manufactured out of polycristalline silicon.

Display drivers can therefore be mounted directly onto the glass substrate – effectively shrinking the TFT section and facilitating a significantly thinner LCD display.

“This technology has allowed companies to create ‘system on glass’ devices, in which the optical sensors, signal processing circuits and other components are located directly on the glass substrate,” explained Hughes.

“This negates the need for additional components in a device like an iPhone, saving space within the device and even improving battery life with increased efficiency.”

Although Apple has yet to confirm the iPhone 6, the smartphone is likely to to launch sometime during 2012.